News 5/15/14: Hoopes Prize

For her outstanding scholarly work, graduating senior Georgia Shelton has been awarded the Hoopes Prize for her senior thesis "The Biodiversity of the Bees at the Arnold Arboretum." Congratulations, Georgia!

News 5/1/14: NSF award

We are pleased to announce that the Farrell Lab is part of an NSF award to study the phylogeny and diversification of Curculionidae (true weevils). More

News 4/1/14: New lab member!

We are happy to welcome postdoctoral fellow Fabio Laurindo da Silva to the lab! Fabio will be focusing his research on (Diptera:Chironomidae) More

Current research

News pictureCurrent research extends the evolution of insect-plant interactions to other trophic levels through a broad collaboration in the beetle Tree of Life project.

A new research dimension in the lab concerns the acoustic signals produced for mating and territory defense. More


collage of insects

The idea that ecology matters to long term evolutionary change was a prominent element in the Modern Synthesis of mid-century that bridged three main areas of evolutionary study: adaptation, speciation, and evolutionary trends. Our general goal to understand this potential interplay of adaptation and historical contingency in ecological and taxonomic diversification, as well as the marks of evolutionary history on community structure. The context of nearly all of our studies is the interaction between insects and plants, ecological associates whose diversity and abundance make them the principal denizens of the terrestrial earth.