Harvard University's E-Type Initiative



A first phase of the ALL Species 25 year project, the E-Type Initiative was established to develop Web-accessible electronic cataloging and imaging of primary type specimens that are available for use by taxonomists and others in the research community. The goal is to image and web-enable 50 percent of primary type specimens in five years. To reach this level most effectively, focus has initially been concentrated at about ten major systematics collections that hold 2/3 of all specimens. ALL Species will also endeavor to reach smaller institutions with fewer resources that may be excluded during the early stages of the e-type effort. The primary function of this website is to provide protocols for use in imaging primary type specimens and creation of image databases.

The E-Type Initiative is sponsored by:

The E-Type Starter Kit has been funded through the generosity of the David Rockefeller Foundation.

More about the E-Type Initiative

E-Type Starter Kit: For small to medium systematics collections and museums of Africa, South and Central America, Asia, and Europe (Note: this is a preliminary outline at this point)

E-Type Sample Images: See what's possible with online imaging.

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